Eurovision: Bringing us together?

Since the beginning of Eurovision there have been talks, speculations and rumors about the fairness of the results. They might be true. Or not. But despite all of these Eurovision for me is something amazing. Here are the reasons why:

  1. We get to hear amazing music that we never knew we liked.
  2. Young and old artists, mainstream and unique have the chance to represent a major European country and introduce their work to people.
  3. We get to find out about different cultures and get educated about each country’s traditions.
  4. The fact that the show itself is live means that at this moment of time a whole lot of unique, different and amazing people are watching the EXACT same thing, which is kind of amazing.
  5. As far as my home country is concerned (no 15 😉) Eurovision night is a big deal. People get together, order in and watch the show together. Friends cozying up on couches, pizza places running like crazy and every single person having an opinion on literally everything. It’s not perfect but it’s lovely! 

So I love Eurovision and I hope it goes on for a long time. Do you watch it? How? Let me know in the comments below!



    1. neverlandclub · May 13

      It definitely is an event that brings people together, I like that about it 🙂 (and I’m not even from Europe, in my country we don’t really care about it but by the way they talk about it on social media makes it look like it)

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    2. aredheadsrambling · May 14

      I love Eurovision too! I mean, yeah voting has often been political to varying degrees, but it doesn’t take away from the fun. It’s just a good night that pulls everyone together, whether it’s just your family or Europe as a whole😊

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      • naya · May 15

        Yeah! I love these nights! For me takes away some of the fun because we kind of know what will happen and there’s is no reason to bet. Like a rigged game whatever you bet for whatever reasons it won’t really matter but yeah it’s still lots of fun!!


    3. kathae · May 14

      It’s entertainment to me, there’s no doubt about that. My bet never really wins but I watch anyway because, yes, it’s definitely bringing us together. I like what you said about all of Europe and the world watching the same show at the same time, there’s just something so satisfying about that thought.

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      • naya · May 15

        I know right? Wish we were the only ones voting though 😕


    4. Siyana · May 16

      Eurovision is kind of a big deal for us too! Unfortunately we’d probably never win (politics duuuh) but finishing second is quite a good achievement as well 🇧🇬😊

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      • naya · May 16

        Well second is great! Plus it’s so much fun that winning is not important. I just wish it was more about the music and less about politics.


    5. M · 15 Days Ago

      I have been watching Eurovision literally since I was born, it used to be a special event, kinda like a birthday, with some yummy foods…Unfortunately the voting is all about politics and the neighbor countries always give each other the highest points. There has been few exception…. I am originally from Estonia.


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