What I love about winter 

It’s that time of year AGAIN!!! I love those cold months. There are these particular moments when the weather is really dull, it’s raining outside and you’re snuggled in your oversized sweater drinking hot chocolate and watching old classic movies that make you feel sooo nostalgic. Or when you sit for literally days doing nothing but getting lost in the pages of your favorite book. And then comes the holidays. No matter where you live or what you celebrate we all get the chance to be with friends and family and just feel blessed and loved. I love all those things. So we should cherish and feel grateful about those moments and enjoy them as much as we can because these will be the happy memories of our future!!!!



  1. Emma · April 23, 2016

    I love this, Winter is literally my favourite time of year for these reasons! Those times when you sit snuggled in a blanket with the Xmas Movies on is the most amazing time of year!!

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  2. fallonrachelle · April 23, 2016

    I love how cosy winter is. The warm drinks, the blankets and layering clothes. I almost wish it was still winter! x

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  3. Throughmylens · April 25, 2016

    Oh I got the L’oreal gold leaf topcoat and it’s perfect! ✨

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  4. xoxokristonian · April 25, 2016

    Winter is such a lovely season. It’s about to be summer hear so I will have to live vicariously through you!! 🙂

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  5. A Touch of Confetti · April 26, 2016

    I love winter so much, the makeup trends get my heart fluttering, not to mention my love for hot chocolate xx

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  6. cynthiaandjoyce · September 4

    Great post!! Check out my page if you can xx

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  7. tutistales · September 4

    Lovely post!

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  8. theauburncitylife · September 4

    Such a great post! Autumn/Winter months are my favourite! So many great novelties of these colder seasons! I have just done a really similar post to this yesterday! Check it out!xx

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  9. livilovessite · September 5

    I’m soooo looking forward to the autumn/winter months, they’re my fave 😀

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  10. Alifya BeautyLifeTalk · September 5

    Love this!

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  11. saturdayonwednesday · September 5

    Agreed 😍

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  12. Jessica Jade · September 5

    Oh this post makes me so excited to snuggle up and watch films with hot chocolates! It’s so cosy ❤️

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    • nayardt · September 6

      Yeah I think everyone enjoys that kind of stuff! I love colder months and even though it’s still hot I’m like GET ME THE BLANKETS!

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      • Jessica Jade · September 6

        Very true!
        I’m never without a blanket haha, I had one when I was younger now I can’t be without one even if I’m not cold haha! X

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  13. Christie Ellis · September 6

    I agree! x

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  14. world of happiness_x · September 20

    i totally agree x

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  15. Jessica Jade · September 28

    Hey again! I’ve nominated you for a tag/award if you would like to do any! 🙂


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  16. beautybyadutchgirl · October 13

    OMG, I love winter too. I’m one of those people who are already excited for Christmas!!

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  17. flahertylandscape · October 13

    I love the shelter and warmth of your images and words–I need them after my brief encounter this morning with the threatening character of the coming winter:

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  18. fabuloustalk · October 13

    I luvvv the winter !! xoxo

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  19. Gillian · October 29

    Love this post – and love winter! Made me want to snuggle in to bed with hot chocolate, cosy pyjamas on and chill!! x

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  20. goingearthstyle · October 30

    I’d love winter if it was 25 degrees but it’s not xD the only thing I like is ice skating 🙂 I sometimes take my skates to work and then after work I go ice skating a bit to “cool off” lol


  21. Jessica Kay · October 30

    Amazing post – what I love about winter is the sweet smell everywhere, the cold weather for fuzzy socks and scarves and warm sweaters, and Christmas time xxx
    Gonna check out your blog 😉


  22. Emily Clare Beauty · October 30

    I love the jumper part too!
    Great post lovely!


  23. littlelifestylekeira · November 7

    You take beautiful pictures ! Good blog post Xxx



  24. AlifyaLifestyle · November 9

    Love this post! 🙂



  25. vintagelillies · November 14

    I totally agree! Winter is so cozy and snuggling up with Netflix and a book is always the best! Great pictures!



  26. missniabella · November 14

    No one I know really understand why winter is my favourite season by far! This post has just summed it all up for me, amazing post 🙂


  27. supersweetserendipityblog · December 10

    I love winter! Fall and winter are literally my favorite seasons!😍❤️


  28. Dotwiz · December 12

    Completely agree I love winter…wiz X.

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  29. blogcharlieblog · May 3

    Such good pictures! I love winter too! https://blogcharlieblog.wordpress.com/


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